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So I made this arc reactor to wear under my shirt tonight:


I started by printing this thing, which took about an hour and a half on my printrbot:

Then I very quickly and dirtily soldered the forty-something connections (I was in a real hurry to make trick-or-treating). I added a potentiometer for dimming. All told, I spent under an hour frantically connecting things and getting it put together, then realized I was really late and didn't have time to clean it up, so I covered the most janky connections in hot glue.


I'm hesitant to even show this, but it's the kind of thing that some of you are going to look at and say "Holy crap, I can't believe that thing worked all night even though all those leads were stabbing you in the chest and should have been shorting out like mad", and no one reads LJ anymore anyway, so it's safe to show off quick ugly hacks that turned out okay here, right?

Okay, I'll peel back the curtain. Here's the wiring mess that's making it work: http://imgur.com/UdrKx69

I'm still shocked that it worked so well. There's no excuse for this working as well as it did. I'm apparently way too careful in my other electronics projects.
Hey LJ, don't delete my account.

There, I posted. I can be quiet for another couple years now?
Against my better judgement, I'm gonna throw some more fish in the pond.

This fall, I'm fishing for and eating some fish. Hopefully there's still water by then. It looks like there should be, thanks to the flooding this week.
Well, the pond is filling back up. We're getting massive flooding out here. Pretty crazy.

I figure it's because I took my hardtop off the jeep. The bikini top doesn't keep the sideways rain out, so the tub's full of water now, and it's pouring so hard I don't want to go mess with the drain plugs, so it's going to have to wait until the rain lets up a bit.

Crazy amounts of water going into the pond though. Maybe it'll stay full a few more months. I'm not stocking it with any more fish just yet though.

Edit: check out the turtles I found in the yard after the deluge. They're safely back in the pond now.


We had two leaking pipes that needed repair, and used these things to fix them:

Turn off water, cut the pipe on either side of the leak, and shove this between the two cut sections. No pvc cement, no soldering, no glue, nothing. Just stick the pipe in each end and it's good to go.

My neighbor recommended them. He does a lot of residential repair work, and they rock. From 0 to plumber in a few minutes. Fixing your own problems - priceless.

Aug. 19th, 2011

Google kicked my ass off for calling myself Not Bob

It was a fun system while I was there.  I'm out.  Still have LJ.

Too bad that modern social interactions are so damaged when we choose not to participate in social media.  It's like no one knows how to use a phone or email any more.

I'm still adamantly opposed to the real names policy, and I expect that the real names policy is going to explode on them - or require even more draconian rules in order to truly enforce it.
   - We've noticed that the name on your associated phone bill does not match this account name.
   - Please proceed to a G+ registration booth and swipe your state provided ID card to register or verify this account.

I have no need to hide my legal name.  My legal name is all over the web.  My association with Flipside is on my resume.  I choose this life.
At this time, I'm simply not willing to continue to use a service that will not accept my right to use the name I choose to use.  Forcing me to use a standard looking name is bullshit.  Telling me that !Bob is any less real than Bob is regressive thinking.  We live in a new time, and we have no need to be defined by the things that defined us in the past.

I respect and support those who do not have the luxury of using their real names on these services.  They have the right to interact with their friends on the Internet too.
Oh man, when it stops being so damn hot out, I'm going to light the oven and make some of these little guys:

Weird little creatures made from croissant rolls and tiny sausages.   The large end of the croissant roll is hollowed out as a mouth, the sausage forms the tongue, and there are cute little googly eyes, maybe made of icing or something.  Adorable.

In case you're not on austin-list

Pat's running a kickstarter to offset a portion of the cost of a major art installation for Flipside.  You can see more about it and donate to the project here:

More art bigger better faster prettier!


At my previous employer, we were using beanstalk for hosted SVN and deployments.  They were good, but since I'm essentially starting fresh here, I was looking around for alternatives.  Well, I found one.  Springloops is running a free beta of their new version of Source Management/Project Management software.  I've been playing with it for about 24 hours now, and it's pretty sweet.

It includes automated deployments, so you can do things like:
   - All checkins auto-deploy to development server, 
   - Deploy any version (including rollbacks) to dev, stage or live
So there's that.  Then it also tracks milestones, tickets, helps you distribute tasks, maintains backups, etc.  It'll integrate with basecamp out of the box.

I was looking at project locker for similar functionality, but I forgot my password there, they mailed me a new one in plaintext, and I stopped using the service.  Seriously...no.

Not sure how much longer Springloops will be in beta, or what the cost will be when they relaunch their SaaS model app, but if it's reasonable enough in price, I'm definitely keeping this tool around.  It's far too valuable to let go to waste.

Words words words.

If you play words with friends, I'm plasmator - bean is beannoneya.